About Me

Hey there. I’m Jenn.

Since I was a wee little one, I’ve always been uber-artistic, trying to create something fun every chance I got. I went through a creative slump for a few years after highschool, trying to find my place in life I suppose, and then got married and had to focus my creative in a more practical way (web design). That was very much worth it, by the way 🙂

Last year I discovered Etsy, and got excited with the thought of making some money with my hobbies without having to completely commit (I’ve often thought about selling at art fairs one day, but that requires much more planning).

I’ve learned that many successful Etsians have blogs, or twitter or facebook accounts. Well, I’m a webdesigner, so setting up a WordPress blog is just absolutely a must for me. I didn’t like the idea at first, and didn’t really see the point. But it’s actually pretty cool — combining the blog with the Etsy shop takes the huge world-wide-web and makes it more like opening a small-town business. I can get to know my customers, and they can get to know me.



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